The AllActive course range has been developed by fitness training experts Amac to help tackle the global problem of inactivity through a holistic and sustainable approach to inspiring exercise for everyone. The short courses cover topics relating to promoting health and wellbeing through group exercise. The range includes; Chair-based Fitness, Promoting Physical Activity, Walk Leading, Fitness Instructing, Fitness Specialising and Nutrition.

AllActive’s unique fitness instructor training enables anyone to lead safe and effective group exercise sessions that can be adapted to the needs of the individual. Through AllActive’s unique classes physical activity can be more accessible to those that may encounter barriers to traditional exercise methods or typical fitness environments, for example; older adults, disabled people, pregnant women, children or obese people.

The courses can be completed by anyone and often do not require pre-existing qualifications. The AllActive range was developed with the non-fitness professional in mind. Those who already work with older adults or disabled people, for example, are already likely best placed to introduce exercise sessions within their workplace or community. For this reason the courses are popular with the health, care and voluntary sector as well as fitness professionals looking to diversify their portfolio.

The quality of AllActive course provision has been recognised by both Skills for Care and SkillsActive and most qualifications come with a choice of accreditation so students and employers can be confident that they are getting training which meets their needs. Often qualifications can be completed as a CPD course or a full L2 QCF qualification. In this instance the accreditation preference very much depends on what the use of the qualification will be. AllActive are always happy to discuss this and answer your questions as we appreciate this can sometimes be confusing.

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Chair-based Fitness Courses

AllActive chair-based fitness courses provide everything necessary to lead safe and effective seated exercises for older adults. Chair-based fitness courses are a great way to get older adults exercising without the fear of falling. Seated exercise is good for mobility function, strength training and social inclusion. You might be a healthcare professional or work in the care sector; perhaps you’re looking to volunteer in your local care home? We are the only training provider to currently offer the Seated, Recreational Physical Activity course as well as the traditional Chair-based Exercise course. If you would like guidance about which course might suit you best see our Which Course? guide.

AllActive appreciate that it takes more than a qualification to start group exercise classes though, so we also provide free promotional materials to help you establish yourself as an CBE Instructor.

Promoting Physical Activity Courses

AllActive believe a sustainable approach is crucial when tackling the problem of inactivity. It is important to motivate others to take part in physical activity and encourage positive behavioural changes that will last. We offer the following RSPH courses to help you understand, support and motivate others as they become more physically active too.

Nutrition Courses

Nutrition plays a vital role in health and wellbeing and it is important that everyone has access to a healthy, balanced diet. The AllActive range also has courses to help you offer nutritional guidance at a level that suits you.

Walk Leading

Walking is an enjoyable way to keep physically active. Walks can be adapted to meet the needs of individuals and walking groups can be very sociable too. Becoming a walk leader is a great way to get involved in your local community, enjoy your surroundings and make new friends too.

Fitness Instructing

AllActive courses are for everyone and you might be interested in taking your fitness knowledge to a professional level or to work in more traditional fitness environments such as gyms and health clubs. In this instance a good starting point (as it is the prerequisite to most other fitness qualifications) is the L2 Certificate in Fitness Instructing.

Fitness Specialising

Once you have attained an entry level QCF fitness instructor qualification (or equivalant) you might consider working with specific populations. Our specialist fitness courses focus on adapting exercise programmes for active older adults, ante/ post natal women and clients referred from GPs.