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AllActive courses teach non-fitness professionals to encourage and lead safe and effective exercise sessions within their community, school or workplace. This unique range of short-courses has been developed by fitness training experts to inspire exercise for everyone; even those who may encounter barriers to traditional exercise methods or typical fitness environments. The AllActive range includes; Chair-based Fitness, Promoting Behaviour Change, Activity Leadership, Fitness Instructing, Fitness Specialising and Nutrition.

AllActive training offers a sustainable approach to tackling inactivity through cross-sector collaboration. Courses are popular with the health, care and voluntary sector as well as exercise professionals. Programmes can be bespoke to an organisation with a choice of accreditation. Courses can be delivered through e-learning resources, face-to-face training or blended learning. Training can also be delivered in-house and discounts can be made on group bookings. Qualifications are recognised by the adult care sector as well as the active leisure sector and endorsed by Skills for Care and PD Approval for the Register of Exercise Professionals.

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AllActive was launched by Amac who have been established for 19 years and are specialists in training fitness professionals. This includes a range of accredited qualifications such as L2 Gym instructing, L3 Personal Training and L4 Obesity and Diabetes Specialist Instructing. Read our Story.

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    “We’ve now booked 4 online courses for our instructors and are planning to book 2 more in the new year. Our instructors have found the course very informative, easily accessible and particularly enjoy the exam format. As a student-run social enterprise, we have found the staff very helpful and the course great value for money, we would definitely recommend!”

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    “The group thoroughly enjoyed the new learning and some have already started to take a class. We have decided as a group to get back together in a month or so to share our experiences and support each other and keep our learning fresh. Jeanette was very approachable and I found it really easy to organise things through her. Gill was great as an instructor and I have had positive feedback from the group on the day.”

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    “We tried SRPA in our main building where dementia levels are not that advanced. We noticed good coordination and reaction time and managed to incorporate ball throwing. They derived plenty of fun and enjoyment from this.”

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    “The most amazing thing about the SRPA sessions is that they generate lots of smiles and laughs. Not only that our residents love getting active as they clearly understand the benefits of it, but they enjoy so much being part of a group of people with same interests. I do it at least twice a week with music running in the background- it’s become everyone’s favourite activity!

    I want to mention that the quality of teaching exceeded my expectations and I hope David and Gill will get to make a real difference for as many care settings as possible by inspiring carers and activity coordinators with their enthusiasm and kindness.”

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    “The SRPA course was very fun and the trainers were great! I found the course very informative.”

  • janetosborne

    “I find myself doing some of the exercises we learn in our Chair-based Exercise class on the bus! I try not to make it too obvious in case people think I’ m a bit of a crazy person. It’s exercises that I wouldn’t even think of on my own, they really help my ankles”.


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