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“I find myself doing some of the exercises we learn in our Chair-based Exercise class on the bus! I try not to make it too obvious in case people think I’ m a bit of a crazy person. It’s exercises that I wouldn’t even think of on my own, they really help my ankles”.


“I became desperate to move and as I was becoming more and more arthritic I was struggling. Since I’ve been going to Chair-based exercise classes I can stand without having to heave myself as much as I feel stronger”.


“There was an exercise where we squeezed a ball and I just thought how brilliant it would have been if I’d been told to do that when I broke my thumb and my wrist. My friend is doing exercises with her hands because she had burns but nobody suggested it to me. Anyone with arthritis should definitely be doing it”.


“I was really, really impressed with the range of activities just by using different sized balls and beanbags and so on. My sister was housebound in France for quite a number of years and if she’d been able to go to a group like that it would have been fantastic. The social impact too, it would have got her interacting with people”.


“As we age it can be extremely difficult to find motivation to keep fit. Seated games that involve exercise are great fun and always involves laughter. Even if you are a bit shy you soon make friends with everyone in the group. If you can’t move around freely chair-based exercise is perfect”.


“I enjoy exercise and it is part of my life. If I couldn’t get outside or on my bike I’d feel really terrible. It’s a way for me to relax and cut myself off from everything.”