Promote and increase physical activity in your school

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Lead the way and use the Primary PE and Sport Premium to train staff in how promote and lead children’s activity sessions.

These qualifications cover:

  • How to recognise the diverse health needs and priorities for your school community.
  • Local opportunities for engaging children in physical activity.
  • Promoting healthy eating and an active lifestyle.
  • Planning and leading activity sessions.

Remember, good health and wellbeing practice embedded into the school ethos will remain even if the funding ceases.

9.4% of children in Reception are obese (England average)

19.6% of children in Year 6 are obese (England average)

The prevalence of obesity doubles from Reception to Yr6.

Public Health England, 2018

Obese and overweight children in England

Source: Public Health England 2018

Our specially selected qualifications for primary schools are ideal to use with the Premium and build into your sport premium action plan for staff development training. We have considered some of the impacts that this may have on your school’s aims to improve health and wellbeing.

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Working with Communities to Promote Active Healthy Lifestyles

The  Working with Communities to Promote Active Healthy Lifestyles qualification aims to provide staff with the knowledge and skills to be able to promote and support active healthy living. There are no entry requirements or attendance required. This award is assessment through worksheet submission and certified by the national awarding body, Active IQ. It is ideal for all staff within the school setting that work with children including volunteers.

A few examples
Potential Impact
(benefits of training staff to your school)
· Work to encourage physical activity for all children

· Create an ethos that promotes a positive attitude towards physical activity

· Share the benefits of leading a healthy and active lifestyle with parents

Course Objectives
· Help others develop a healthier lifestyle by encouraging physical activity

· Increase knowledge and understanding why individuals may not actively participate in physical activity

Leading Health-related Activity Sessions

The aim of the Leading Health-related Activity Sessions qualification is to provide staff with the essential knowledge and skills required to plan, prepare and deliver safe and effective activity sessions for a group of participants of any age. There are no entry requirements to this qualification (any core or safeguarding qualifications will be part of your existing processes) so a great opportunity to involve other staff and volunteers in delivering activities. In addition, this maybe a useful course to upskill existing staff who already deliver the core PE curriculum too.

You may have access to resources with activity ideas in your school. However, as part of this course, AllActive include additional resources to give you a bank of activity ideas to deliver to children.

A few examples
Potential Impact
(benefits of training staff to your school)
· Additional physical activity sessions for children

· Meet the minimum daily activity levels

· Extra staff/volunteers trained to deliver activity sessions outside of the core curriculum

· Up-skilled teachers and leaders

· Bring new ideas and fresh activities into the school

· Make staff, parents/carers and children aware of the dangers of sedentary behaviour

Course Objectives
· To promote healthy lifestyles

· Learn how to plan and deliver activity sessions

· Develop knowledge of different activities to plan for health-related activity sessions

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Other courses that you may be interested in for your school

We also have other qualifications that may be relevant to your school’s health and wellbeing needs. You may want to further consider qualifications to help improve children’s emotional well-being, healthy eating and safeguarding. A selection of courses below highlight some of the impacts that this staff training can mean for your school.

Mental Health Awareness

  • Increased awareness of mental health throughout the school community
  • Help reduce the stigma and discrimination of mental health
  • Encourage children to talk about their mental wellbeing
  • Think about activities to boost mental health

Nutrition, Performance & Healthy Eating

  • A school wide approach to promoting healthy eating
  • An inclusive focus promoting healthy diets that children will benefit from the rest of their lives
  • Understanding of nutrition for healthy eating

Safeguarding Children and Vulnerable Adults

  • Keep staff’s knowledge current
  • Understand the threats from radicalisation and extremism
  • Understand the psychological and social issues faced by children

Should you require multiple bookings across the whole range of AllActive courses, we can provide a bespoke quotation.

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