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Sleep myths

Posted: 25th Nov, 2021 by Dave Lee

I came across a very interesting article the other day about sleep myths. You can see the reference below, as well as a link where you can download the article yourself. In this article the authors presented 20 false beliefs that are widely held (i.e., myths), yet lack an evidence base (or have a very […]

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Fibromyalgia and Exercise

Posted: 18th Feb, 2020 by Dave Lee

In today’s post, I am going to talk about fibromyalgia (or fibromyalgia syndrome), a condition that I am coming across more-and-more. The aim of this post is to raise awareness of this condition and highlight the role exercise can play in managing the symptoms. What is it? Fibromyalgia is a chronic (long-term) condition that leads […]

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Happy to chat

Posted: 21st Oct, 2019 by Dave Lee

Recently, whilst browsing through the usual gloomy and disheartening news feeds, I came across a heart-warming story. The article introduces us to an extremely simple, yet ingenious, idea which is reportedly gaining traction around the world – ‘Happy to Chat’ benches. These are basically public benches with signs attached saying “Happy to chat bench. Sit […]

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New government school sport initiative

Posted: 21st Aug, 2019 by Dave Lee

The Government has recently released its new School Sport and Activity Plan. This plan has several ambitions. Firstly, it seeks to increase physical activity participation levels so that all children and young people are doing at least 60 minutes each day in line with the Chief Medical Officer’s guidelines; secondly, it wants children and young […]

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How many steps per day do we actually need?

Posted: 23rd Jul, 2019 by Dave Lee

I finally succumbed recently to buying and using a wearable; one of those watches that works in concert with your mobile phone to track various measures for health and fitness (such as heart rate and step count). I must also admit to getting rather fanatical since the purchase on attaining my 10,000 steps per day […]

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Physical activity and older adults

Posted: 15th Nov, 2016 by Dave Lee

The World Health Organisation has identified physical inactivity as the fourth leading risk factor for global mortality. Although by no means limited to older adults, a decline in physical activity is associated with aging. There are currently 11.4 million people aged 65 or over in the UK and life expectancy is predicted to continue to […]

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Are you really physically active?

Posted: 8th Jun, 2016 by Dave Lee

Everyone has a general understanding of the importance of exercise but there is often some confusion surrounding the specifics of what it means to be physically active. I have compiled the following list to help summarise the research surrounding this topic. Physical Activity- An Overview What is physical activity? Physical activity can be defined as […]

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The fun (and fear) of children’s sports

Posted: 21st Mar, 2016 by Dave Lee

I was very interested in the recent article published in The Telegraph regarding the Education Secretary’s comments about ‘banning children’ from playing sport. You can read the article here. Nicky Morgan states that playing games and participating in sport can help to develop children’s character traits that they need to succeed in life. She accuses […]

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Campaigning for healthier lifestyles

Posted: 9th Mar, 2016 by Dave Lee

Earlier this week, Public Health England launched their new campaign called ‘One You’, aiming to address preventable disease in adults. They state that over 40% of all deaths in England are related to people’s health behaviours and lifestyle choices, to include inactivity, poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption, poor sleeping habits and stress. They add that […]

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