Chair-based Exercise Instructor

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This CIMSPA and Active IQ endorsed Chair-based Exercise (CBE) instructor certification equips you with the skills and understanding to lead your own seated exercise classes. You will learn how to plan and deliver chair-based exercise for frailer older adults and disabled adults, incorporating the key principles and values of the adult social care sector. You will learn everything you need to run inclusive exercise sessions which have a real impact on improving the quality of life for older adults and disabled adults.

You will learn the significant physical, mental and social health benefits of chair-based exercise, and how to effectively engage with your participants. You will be taught appropriate exercises to improve aerobic fitness, muscular strength, mobility and flexibility in frailer older adults and disabled adults, and how to adapt them to meet individual needs.

Quick Overview

This Chair-based Exercise Instructor course can be completed online in approximately 6-10 hours. Alternatively, if you would prefer face-to-face training we can offer open course or in-house training options. Discounts are available on group bookings.

Although there are no formal qualification prerequisites it is recommended that you understand the structure and function of body systems before undertaking this CBE course. If you have not studied this area before, or you need a refresher, you can browse the free resources on the Amac website.

Course Content

  • The values and principles of adult social care
  • The importance of diversity in adult social care
  • The impact of bodily changes associated with ageing, disability and inactivity
  • The health and functional benefits of chair-based exercise for frailer older adults and disabled adults
  • How chair-based exercise can help meet the social, emotional and psychological needs of frailer older adults and disabled adults
  • Engaging frailer older adults and disabled adults to participate in chair-based exercise
  • Special considerations when delivering chair-based exercise
  • Current national physical activity guidelines/recommendations for older adults
  • How to structure chair-based exercise sessions
  • Health screening
  • How to plan and prepare for chair-based exercise sessions
  • How to manage risk in relation to teaching chair-based exercise sessions
  • How to deliver safe and inclusive chair-based exercise sessions
  • How to reflect on chair-based exercise sessions
  • How to act in the event of adverse effects to a frailer older or disabled adult during chair-based exercise
  • 33 chair-based exercises with adaptations and progressions

Delivery Format

Online Course

You can complete your Chair-based Exercise Instructor course online through AllActive’s interactive e-learning platform, Learnstream. You will find explanations, photographs and videos detailing how each component of your chair-based exercise session should be carried out, how each seated exercise should be performed and how to link all this knowledge together. Access will be granted for one year. There is the option to purchase a hard-copy comprehensive training manual to accompany the online course.

In-house training

If you are interested in a making group booking we can provide the CBE Instructor course as an in-house course and create bespoke training to meet your needs. We can offer discounts on group bookings.

• Live Zoom Course

Attend our real-time live course through x2 three-hour Zoom workshops. In advance, you will receive a study pack consisting of comprehensive training manual, 3 Latex free thermoplastic elastomer material (TPE) resistance bands in different tensions: extra light, light, and medium (120 cm long) and course handouts. Before the training workshops, you will be asked to complete pre-course tasks using manual and online ‘Study Support Area’ which will be available to access until 30 days after last live workshop. This will include reading and watching some exercise videos to practice (approx. 2-3 hours).

Course dates:

12 December 2023 09:30-16:30
18 January 2024 09:30-16:30
27 February 2024 09:30-16:30

There is information available that can be used to help your organisation make a business case for this AllActive’s course. See Training Business Case for Chair-based Exercise Instructor.

‘This CBE course provided me with an exercise programme which I felt confident to start using the very next day with the older adults I work with. For me, our trainer role-modeled how best to work with people; inclusively, with warmth and humour, safely and knowledgeably.  One of the best training courses I’ve been on.’


Hard-copy Training Manual

There is a comprehensive hard-copy training manual available which covers all the content for this course and is a useful reference guide. This is included with all face-to-face training courses (including Zoom) and an optional extra for those studying online to buy separately.


Online Course

  • Online quiz that you will need to gain 18 marks out of 25 marks (70%) you may reattempt the quiz as many times as necessary if required
  • Online access will be provided for one year, this will allow you time to complete the course and revisit the training material even when you have passed the assessment and downloaded the certificate

Zoom Course

  • To gain a certificate, staff will need to complete all components including the pre-course tasks, and both live workshops.
  • If you should not attend the first workshop, then you will be required to watch a recording and attend the second workshop live. If you attend the first workshop and then miss the second workshop, you will be required to watch the recording and then plan and deliver a 10-minute CBE session. This videoed demonstration will need to be submitted for review (Note: a £20 + VAT fee will apply). Non-attendance of both live workshops means that no certificate can be issued.

In-house/In-person Course

  • To gain a certificate, you need to attend the training sessions in full.

Course Details

On completion you will achieve Amac Certificate in Chair-based Exercise Instructing.

  • Endorsed by Active IQ
  • Endorsed by CIMSPA with 10 points
  • Skills for Care endorsed learning provider

If you are looking to do other chair-based fitness qualifications in the future, consider the range of add-on courses such as Throwing & Catching Games for Chair-based Exercise. This will enable you to meet the certification pre-requisite for career progression.

  • Over 18
  • This course is not a regulated qualification. There is no specific entry requirement (apart from 18+ years) for this course as chair-based exercise instructing is a non-regulated activity. This course enables the learner to run chair-based exercise sessions in a variety of settings within health, adult social care and leisure environments. Upon completion, learners can deliver a chair-based exercise session limited to the specific exercises covered within the training course.

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£220+ VAT Online course
Start online course anytime with access for a year.
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£25 Hard-copy manual
Hard-copy CBE manual to accompany online course. Includes UK mainland delivery
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£280 + VAT Live Zoom course
Attend two dates for the three-hour workshops PLUS hard-copy manual and x3 resistance bands
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Your Stories

  • janetosborne

    “I find myself doing some of the exercises we learn in our Chair-based Exercise class on the bus! I try not to make it too obvious in case people think I’ m a bit of a crazy person. It’s exercises that I wouldn’t even think of on my own, they really help my ankles”.

  • patriciapilgrim

    “I became desperate to move and as I was becoming more and more arthritic I was struggling. Since I’ve been going to Chair-based exercise classes I can stand without having to heave myself as much as I feel stronger”.

  • annedungey

    “There was an exercise where we squeezed a ball and I just thought how brilliant it would have been if I’d been told to do that when I broke my thumb and my wrist. My friend is doing exercises with her hands because she had burns but nobody suggested it to me. Anyone with arthritis should definitely be doing it”.

  • elsieforrest

    “I was really, really impressed with the range of activities just by using different sized balls and beanbags and so on. My sister was housebound in France for quite a number of years and if she’d been able to go to a group like that it would have been fantastic. The social impact too, it would have got her interacting with people”.

  • cathytyce

    “As we age it can be extremely difficult to find motivation to keep fit. Seated games that involve exercise are great fun and always involves laughter. Even if you are a bit shy you soon make friends with everyone in the group. If you can’t move around freely chair-based exercise is perfect”.

  • iantyce

    “I enjoy exercise and it is part of my life. If I couldn’t get outside or on my bike I’d feel really terrible. It’s a way for me to relax and cut myself off from everything.”