Level 1 Health Awareness

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This RSPH qualification will provide you with an awareness of the principles of health and the impact on your health of the lifestyle choices you make. You will be prepared to take responsibility for your personal health and work actively with health service providers to manage your own care and that of others, such as your families, when necessary; in this way, you will be enabled to actively contribute towards more effective health service provision. This course reflects the Department of Health’s strategic thinking on health and inclusivity for all.

Quick Overview

This Health Awareness course is a one-day course which is delivered face-to-face.

This qualification is valuable as a free-standing qualification for everyone, but is especially appropriate:
• in the workplace setting as an introduction to health awareness
• in the health and social care sector, including for those preparing for careers in these sectors
• as a foundation for those in support roles to professionals; in education; in public services; and within corporate settings
• as part of health and lifestyle education for young people, through schools and colleges, and for those starting out in independent living.

Course Units

  1. The meaning of positive health
  2. Basic principles of public health
  3. Understanding lifestyle choices affecting personal health and wellbeing
  4. Managing personal health collaboratively with service providers


  1. Workbook or Exam with 25 questions (45 minutes, 17/25 required)

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