Seated Fitness, Function and Balance Instructor

Group of four cheering senior women practicing light aerobic exercises with chairs for fitness class indoors.

This advanced course is an extension of what you have learned on the chair-based exercise course. In this course you will learn new seated exercises, and we shall introduce you to some supported standing and free standing chair neuromotor exercises that can provide additional benefits.

You will learn how we can adapt movements to change their focus and how they effect our bodies. You will learn how an exercise can be made harder so it can continue to offer benefit as the body adapts and grows stronger. Progressing an exercise is not simply adding a heavy weight or heavier resistance, exercises can also be made more complex to tax the neuromotor system (i.e. balance and proprioception). You will widen your repertoire of exercises and be able to revitalise your sessions by substituting or adding these to what you do.

Quick Overview

This certification in Seated Fitness, Function and Balance Instructing is an online course. It is assessed via a quiz and your certificate can be automatically downloaded on successful completion of the course. You will have 12 months access to this course.

Course Content

  • Planning your programme – objectives, outcomes and indicators
  • Know your participants – gathering information
  • Pre-exercise health screening, risk stratification, contraindications and referral
  • Goal setting with participants
  • Training principles
  • Adapting seated exercises – arm movement patterns and how to adjust them to be mobility exercises, stretches, aerobic or strength exercises
  • Progressing (or regressing) seated exercises
  • Chronic conditions and how they affect seated exercise
  • Physical activity and exercise guidelines
  • Designing the aerobic component of the programme
  • Designing the strength component of the programme
  • Designing the neuromotor (balance) component of the session
  • Designing the flexibility/ROM component of the session
  • Planning and preparing individual sessions from your programme
  • Risk assessment and management
  • Teaching and instructing skills
  • Reflection, evaluation and action planning
  • Reviewing your programme and participants’ progress
  • Posture and positions
  • 227 exercises, each with numerous progressions, regressions, alternatives, and standing variations (with chair support). Includes:
    • Seated mobility exercises x 31
    • Seated flexibility exercises x 21
    • Aerobic exercises x 33
    • Strength exercises x 114 (using resistance bands, weighted balls, towels, dumbbells, and body resistance)
    • Standing neuromotor exercises (with chair support)
    • Pelvic floor exercises
    • Getting up from the floor activities
    • Arm movement patterns x 14

Course Details

  • Amac Certificate in Seated Fitness, Function and Balance Instructing
  • Active IQ and CIMSPA endorsed

  • Over 18 years L2 QCF Chair-based exercise qualification
    Amac Certificate in Chair-based Exercise Instructing
    Equivalent* Chair-based Exercise Instructor Certificate*A copy of your certificate will be requested to verify the training and modules covered.


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