Active IQ Promoting Community Health and Well-being

This qualification supports those who are currently working within, or want to work within, the health and well-being field. It will equip you with the essential knowledge and skills to address the health and well-being of individuals within their surrounding communities. The qualification enables you to gain a skills base aimed at facilitating long-term active healthy lifestyles amongst those in their communities who are not currently doing so.


This qualification aims to provide you with the knowledge and understanding to promote physical activity and healthy living. In this qualification, you will learn about:
• How to work with communities and individuals to promote and support active, healthy lifestyles.
• The health and well-being related benefits of meeting recommended levels of physical activity throughout the life course, and the risks associated with inactivity.
• How alcohol is used and how it can be misused, as well as the impact and effects of misuse. You will also look at the various agencies offering help and support.
• The prevalence of smoking, and the physiological and psychological effects of smoking. You will also learn about the benefits of quitting and various strategies and sources of information to assist in smoking cessation.
• The different elements that constitute a healthy balanced diet, and their importance in optimising health, performance and weight management. You will also investigate the importance of exercise in controlling weight, as well as ways in which healthy eating habits can be promoted.
• How to work with person-identifiable data in a legal and appropriate manner. Data protection and information governance are investigated here.

Course Units

  1. Working with communities to promote and support active healthy lifestyles
  2. Understanding the role of physical activity in health and well-being
  3. Alcohol awareness
  4. Smoking awareness and cessation
  5. Understanding nutrition, performance and healthy eating
  6. Collecting, managing and reporting of personal data


Worksheets, a short presentation, and a case study

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