Once you are a qualified AllActive seated fitness instructor you might like some further guidance. We are always happy to advise you and signpost you where we can. Please find some helpful information below.

Build your confidence

AllActive offer short-courses on Understanding Behaviour Change and Encouraging Physical Activity which are especially helpful to those who are new to promoting physical activity. Throughout your training you will be supported by our Student Mentor but we also encourage you to keep in contact with us via social media.

Tools to advertise your Chair-based Fitness Class

We understand that everyone’s time is precious and so we offer downloadable posters that can help you advertise your AllActive seated fitness classes. You can print them off yourself and then add your own details as appropriate.


Attend an AllActive workshop

Following the completion of your AllActive chair-based fitness qualification you might like to attend a practical workshop and share ideas with other Chair-based Exercise Instructors or Seated Recreational and Physical Activity Instructors. We will list upcoming workshop dates over the next few months but, in the meantime, please contact us directly if this is something you are interested in.