The Stroke Association, Wakefield

Stacey Taylor – Stroke Support Coordinator

Stacey Taylor

What is your role at the Stroke Association?

I am Stroke Support Coordinator and my role involves visiting stroke survivors at home or while still in hospital to see how I can support them on discharge or support them at home. I offer information and advice and also work with DWP to ensure people have access to the correct benefits. Part of my role incorporates an element of reablement, supporting people to engage in community activities or taking up new hobbies. I also help people who are having difficulties returning back to work.

What lead you to want to become a Chair-based Exercise Instructor?

I was struggling to find exercise classes that would suit people with disability and more specific suit stroke survivors. So with this in mind I looked at how I could become trained to deliver exercise sessions to stroke survivors.

Why did you choose Amac’s online CBE Course?

After looking round for a distance learning course in CBE I found Amac training. The lady that I spoke to was very helpful and she talked me through the benefits of distance learning. I have previously completed distance learning courses so I wasn’t too phased by it. I did forget my password on a couple of occasions but it was not trouble for them, a quick phone call and I was back online!

What did you think of the course content?

I thought the content was very good and the layout was excellent, very easy to follow and track of where I was. I was working full time and so had to complete the training outside of working hours so having indicators to mark where I left off was great. I liked the end exam and how it was set out, it did take a couple of attempts for me to pass but it felt great when I did.

What do you plan to do now you have completed the course?

I plan to run 4 x 6 week sessions throughout the Wakefield district to give people a taster into chair based exercise, it is hoped that they will then feed into any existing CBE classes if available or if they are a success I hope to run more sessions on a permanent basis.

July 2016

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