North Lincolnshire Council, Brigg

Marie Hughes – Sport Play and Community Development Officer

What is your role at North Lincolnshire Council?

It is my remit to support people and organisations in North Lincolnshire to increase their physical activity levels.

Why did you choose Amac?

AMAC came recommended to me from colleagues within North Lincolnshire who have used AMAC before to train some of our staff in the past and provide training for partners.

Why did you choose seated recreational physical activity instructor training – what do does organisation want to achieve?

Choosing the course was as a result of a funded programme of activity coming to an end. Members of staff from this programme had been supporting various organisations to provide low level physical activity sessions for their service users. These organisations wanted to continue to provide elements of these physical activity sessions therefore we needed to identify a course that was suitable for people with limited prior experience of delivering physical activity sessions.
Each of the organisation put forward two members of staff to take part in the training to enable them to continue delivering activity to their service users.

What did you think of the course delivery?

The course was delivered at a good pace for the mixed audience of learners. Allowing people to share experiences and learn new skills at a pace to suit them. It allowed and encouraged them to be creative with the environments they may find themselves delivering in.

North Lincs Staff Training SRPA

North Lincs Staff Training SRPA 2

How will staff utilise qualification?

The staff that took part in the course are using their skills as part of their ‘day jobs’ with a wide range of service users for example, MS sufferers, people suffering from mental health illness and those who have suffered a stroke.

November 2017

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