Business Case for Training


Obtaining Funding

Business cases are useful to have in place when you are trying to secure funding to continue a

project or start up a new project.

Making Your Business Case

We have thought through the key points as to why spending your budget or funds on AllActive

courses is directly linked to improved performance, training and wellbeing. Each of our courses has a

ready-made business case considering the cost, investment of time and resources required. They

detail the overall benefits and the impact this will have on the organisation, trainee and end-users.

We will help show you that you are getting value for money and meeting your objectives from your

policies, guidance and strategies in place.

Quick Links to Training Business Cases

  • CBE Instructor
  • • Seated Fitness, Function and Balance Instructor (coming soon)
  • • Seated Recreational Physical Activity Instructor (coming soon)
  • • Promoting Physical Activity (coming soon)
  • • Nutrition (coming soon)
  • • Walk Leading (coming soon)

AllActive Support

    We are here to help you and answer any questions. You may need help with:

  • • How to design project
  • • How to evaluate intervention
  • • How to improve the transfer of learning to professional practice
  • • How to incorporate the new learning into existing performance management systems
  • • How to quality assure
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